Benefits Spotlight: Cyber Protection Package

Cyber Threat graphicCyberattacks are escalating in frequency and intensity and pose a growing threat to the business community. Many recent incidents reflect the expanding spectrum of cyber threats — from hackers stealing customer account information, to attacks meant to disable a company’s website. Companies in greater numbers are seeking financial protection through skillfully underwritten cyber liability coverage.

Forrest T. Jones gives members access to cyber protection packages that include options like these.

DIGITAL CRIME: a first-of-its-kind bundle of coverages to protect your company from various types of digital crime including:

  • Electronic transfer of funds
  • Telephone toll fraud
  • Cyber extortion
  • Deceptive transfer

BREACH LIABILITY: broad liability coverage for any suits or demands related to cyber that result in a loss to your company including:

  • Privacy liability
  • Website media liability
  • Payment card industry
  • Regulatory

BREACH RECTIFICATION: coverage designed to get your business back on track as quickly as possible all while protecting your company’s brand and reputation. The coverage suite includes:

  • Data breach team
  • Business interruption
  • Digital asset loss

Forrest T. Jones has been NSA’s insurance partner for almost 50 years. Their commitment to bringing top insurance policies to members is as strong today as it was in 1969. Be sure to access your current cyber insurance policy before the New Year and compare it to what FTJ offers.

For more information, contact Ronda Jones at (800) 821-7303 x1556 or


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