Benefits Spotlight: getnetset


The fact of the matter is that consumers want well-designed and easy to use websites from their retailers and service providers. How does yours stack up?

NSA partners with getnetset to help you put your best foot forward by presenting clients with a clean web presence. Their service provides you with:

  • Personalized Website—A personalized accountant website gives your firm an impressive online presence, helping your firm to attract more clients and serve them more efficiently.
  • Guardian WebmasterTM—Your Guardian Webmaster handles everything for you. Simply send your to-do list and you’re done.
  • Save Money—Our services are priced thousands below traditional accountant website development because our costs are spread, our process is efficient, and our efforts are focused.
  • Save Time—Why waste weeks or even months launching your accountant website. We’ll have you up and running in just a few days.
  • Managed Content—Never worry about your accountant website being out-of-date again. We manage and revise your content (like IRS changes, income tax brackets, etc.) for you.

Designing your site with getnetset is easier than you think. They have sample pages like this one…



…so you can start thinking about how you want to present your business to the world.

Be sure to visit this page to learn more about the NSA/getnetset discount program for members.

NSA’s agreement with getnetset equals annual savings of $117 for their Retainer plan, and $237.60 for the Recruiter package. When you choose the Recruiter plan, you have already saved more than the cost of your membership.

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