Dashlane and NSA Partner

NSA has partnered with Dashlane to offer members 25% off their Premium service that costs the general public $4.99 a month.

Dashlane is a simple-to-use password management system that protects you and your passwords when you’re browsing the web. Their product is state-of-the art digital protection that syncs across all your devices so that every password you use is available to you everywhere. It can auto-fill your passwords on sites you frequent, and generate complex passwords that you won’t even need to remember (because Dashlane does it for you).

The Premium package includes tools like two factor authentication, secure file storage, virtual private network (VPN) to encrypt your online activity, password management and unlimited password storage.

Another tool that comes with the Premium version is: Dark Web Monitoring. Dashlane will scan the dark web to see if any of your personal data or passwords have been leaked. You can set alerts that will inform you if your information has been compromised, and then you can take immediate action to secure your information.

NSA membership is about YOU, and NSA is pleased to be working with one of the best services in the business to help keep YOU safe.

Go to this page to learn more.

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