Member Benefits Spotlight: Cyber Attack Protection

Cyber attacks are becoming more common. In 2017 there were several major cyber attacks that exposed vital personal information about millions of people.

Remember these?

  • Verizon was attacked and 14 million personal records were stolen.*
  • Equifax suffered a breach that exposed the identities, credit information, and other data of 143 million people.* One of them might be you.

It has also been revealed that Yahoo was attacked and nearly a billion email addresses were compromised just a few years ago.

NSA, through it’s insurance administrator, FTJ, offers these products that help “Main Street Practitioners” in the event that their systems are compromised.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Accounting and bookkeeping firms face security challenges other small businesses don’t because of the sensitive data they retain for client tax preparation and payroll. Social security numbers, bank account information, and other types of highly sensitive financial data can be easy pickings for a hacker if your security is lax.

In a world where you see and hear about cyber-related events, businesses failing and client lawsuits, it might be possible to still think that it couldn’t happen to you. Not so. The incidence of data theft and security breaches is steadily rising. Cyber Liability insurance provides protection for your firm’s liability to third parties for network or security breaches.


Our insurance plan administrator FTJ now offers LegalShield and IDShield memberships for our members. LegalShield provides 24-7 access to legal assistance from a lawyer near you. IDShield offers a range of services, including: risk monitoring, identity restoration, and password management.

To learn more about how these products can can protect you, your family, and your business in the event of a cyber event,  go to or call 800-821-7303.


The National Society of Accountants sponsors these insurance plans as a service to members, but does not incur expenses or income from their sales. FTJ wants NSA members to be completely satisfied with the plans NSA sponsors. Should you decide that a life or health plan you have purchased is not right for you, return your certificate (without claim) within 30 days and your money will be refunded promptly - no questions asked, and no forms to fill out. For more information, visit, or call FTJ at: 800-821-7303.

*Source: ZDNet

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