New Insurance Benefits Available to NSA Members

Franklin T. Jones logoThe National Society of Accountants is pleased to announce New Professional Liability Pick a Premium Plans and  Final Expense Group Whole Life Insurance Plans that are available to our members through plan administrator , Forrest T. Jones.

New Professional Liability Pick a Premium Plan
Professional liability insurance protects you and your firm against lawsuits for the services you provide to your clients. Whether you’re currently insured, or haven’t yet made that decision, you may have the impression that completing an insurance application is too much of a hassle, and not something you want to spend your time doing. If so, here is some great news for NSA members! Travelers now offers a new Pick a Premium Plan and application for NSA member firms with annual revenues of $500,000 or less.

Here’s how it works:

  • If your revenues are $100,000 or less, you’re able to pick your insurance premium from among four popular limit options, and lock it in with a $0 deductible, for two years! This means no need to complete another application for two years, allowing you to budget for your insurance premium, knowing that it can’t change for two years.
  • If your firm’s revenues are more than $100,000 but less than $500,000, you can still lock in your premium for two years, so you can enjoy the benefit of great insurance protection locked in for two years, at a competitive premium based on the accounting services your firm provides.

To find out more, contact Ladonna Filler at Forrest T. Jones, for complete information on the Pick A Premium two-year policy options for your E&O insurance protection, and then spend your time doing something else!

FTJ also offers a full Professional Liability plan with flexible limits, premium installment options, and deductibles let you customize coverage to fit your practice.  For more information and to receive a no-obligation quote on the Accountants Professional Liability Plan, go to: or call 800-821-7303.

Final Expense Group Whole Life Insurance Plan

At age 45, you and your spouse are eligible for the NSA Final Expense Whole Life Plan, which can help those you leave behind cope with unexpected funeral expenses and unpaid bills. During a difficult time, this supplemental insurance plan of up to $25,000 can also help boost an existing life insurance policy, or it can be used to bequeath funds to a special person or organization.
The Final Expense Whole Life Plan is permanent life insurance with benefits payable to the beneficiary of your choice. You can change the beneficiary at any time with a written request. The benefits are determined by the amount of coverage they select, ranging from $5,000 to $25,000. Furthermore, there is no physical exam and no reduction in benefits as you age.

Other important plan features include:

  • Additional benefits for death resulting from accidental injury;
  • Cash value accumulations beginning at the end of the second policy year.

NSA members, download your application for Final Expense Group Whole Life Insurance here.

Cyber Liability

Accounting and bookkeeping firms face security challenges other small businesses don’t because of the sensitive data they retain for client tax preparation and payroll. Social security numbers, bank account information, and other types of highly sensitive financial data can be easy pickings for a hacker if your security is lax.

In a world where you see and hear about cyber-related events, businesses failing and client lawsuits, it might be possible to still think that it couldn’t happen to you. Not so. The incidence of data theft and security breaches is steadily rising. Cyber Liability insurance provides protection for your firm’s liability to third parties for network or security breaches. To learn more about how this variety of Professional Liability Insurance can protect you,  go to or call 800-821-7303.


Our insurance plan administrator FTJ now offers LegalShield and IDShield memberships for our members.

Have you ever:

  • Needed your Will prepared or updated?
  • Been overcharged for a repair or paid an unfair bill?
  • Worried about becoming an identity theft victim?
  • Realized your child could become a victim of identity theft?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you may benefit from a LegalShield or IDShield membership. Contact Forrest T. Jones at or call 800.821.7303 for more information.

NSA also offers Professional Liability Insurance; Business, and Life & Health Insurance through plan administrator Forrest T. Jones.

The National Society of Accountants sponsors these insurance plans as a service to members, but does not incur expenses or income from their sales. FTJ wants NSA members to be completely satisfied with the plans NSA sponsors. Should you decide that a life or health plan you have purchased is not right for you, return your certificate (without claim) within 30 days and your money will be refunded promptly - no questions asked, and no forms to fill out. For more information, visit, or call FTJ at: 800-821-7303.

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