NSA Announces 2019 Scholarship Awardees

scholarship winners

The NSA Scholarship Foundation works to build career paths into and within the accounting profession. The scholarship awards assist dedicated students who are committed to a career in accounting by providing financial assistance to support their education.

Formed in 1969, the Foundation is a 501(c)3, tax-exempt organization and relies on voluntary, tax-deductible, contributions to support its programs. A Board of Trustees holds full fiduciary responsibility for management of the Foundation and its programs. Each year, thousands of students contact NSA seeking help to meet the ever-increasing costs of higher education. In response, the NSA Scholarship Foundation provides financial encouragement to promising accounting students across the country. The Foundation awards scholarships to undergraduates enrolled in a degree program at an accredited two- or four-year college or university. Applicants for awards are judged on the basis of scholastic achievement, demonstrated leadership ability, and financial need. In 2019, the Scholarship Foundation awarded scholarships to 45 students to help them continue their college education. Combined, NSA scholarships for 2019 totaled $95,650.00.

NSA and the NSA Scholarship Foundation would like to congratulate the winners of the 2019 Scholarship Awards.

Andrew Antonik

Providence College

Herbert H. Landy Award - $2,000.00

Desiree Ferrell

Jackson State University

Alabama Association of Accountants and Tax Preparers - $1,000.00

Helena Lauchli

Loyola University New Orleans

Louisiana Society of Independent Accountants - $2,000.00

Sierra Armstrong

Augsburg College

Minnesota Association of Public Accountants - $2,000.00

Megan Fraser

Gonzaga University

Washington Association of Accountants - $617.00

Angelina Leandres

Bryant University

Herbert H. Landy Award - $2,000.00

Daniel Bosworth

Miami University-Oxford

William Ferrance Award - $2,000.00

Grace Gallagher

University of Scranton

Harry Roman Award - $2,000.00

Jordan Malikowski

Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

Minnesota Association of Public Accountants - $1,700.00

Minnesota Association of Public Accountants Roseville - $2,000.00

Matt Brown

The University of Tennessee

John Hicks Award - $2,000.00

R. Lampley Jr. Award - $5,000.00

Shea Gieselmann

University of Arkansas Main Campus

Forrest T. Jones Award - $2,000.00

Morgan Meinel

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Wisconsin Association of Accountants Southeast Chapter - $500.00

Courtney Burchett

George Mason University

Louis & Fannie Sager Award - $2,000.00

Benjamin Glick

Colorado State University

Stanley H. Stearman Award - $2,000.00

Arizona Society of Practicing Accountants - $2,000.00

Linsey Milender

Montana State University-Billings

Montana Society of Public Accountants - $1,000.00

Kathryn Cardenas

University of Virginia-Main Campus

Louis & Fannie Sager
Award - $2,000.00

Mitchell Goettl

Drake University

Accountants Association of Iowa - $1,000.00

Drew Minard

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Nebraska Society of Independent Accountants - $1,000.00

Esther Chai

St. John’s University-
New York

Harry Roman Award - $2,000.00

Talina Gulati

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University-Daytona Beach

Samuel Stern Award - $2,000.00

Alec Okino

University of California-
Los Angeles

California Society of Tax Consultants - $2,133.00

Vivian Chen

Arizona State University

Arizona Society of Practicing Accountants - $500.00

Kingston Handley

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Samuel Stern Award - $2,000.00

Rebecca Ortiz

The University of Texas at Austin

Stephen E. Lamp Award - $2,000.00

Adam Cochran

University of Missouri-Columbia

Missouri Society of Accountants - $1,000.00

Travis Hedrick

Mesa State College

Chester Borelli Award - $2,000.00

Katherine Schultz

Ohio State University-Main Campus

Milton Brown Award - $2,000.00

Travis Cone

Western Carolina University

North Carolina Society of Accountants - $1,700.00

Brooklyn Hinkle

Northeast State Community College

John Hicks Award - $2,000.00

R. Lampley Jr. Award - $3,000.00

Patrick Shubat

Colorado State University

Chester Borelli Award - $2,000.00

Kevin Culles

University of Wisconsin-
Eau Claire

Wisconsin Association of Accountants - $1,000.00

Alexis Jones

University of Mississippi Main Campus

Stephen E. Lamp Award - $2,000.00

Tanner Stenquist

Brigham Young University-Idaho

Idaho Association of Public Accountants - $1,000.00

Thomas Doody

Aurora University

Independent Accountants Association of Illinois - $1,000.00

Samuel Stern Award - $2,000.00

Kalyson Jones

Le Moyne-Owen College

R. Lampley Jr. Award - $5,000.00

Eliza Todorova

Georgia State University

Forrest T. Jones Award - $2,000.00

Amanda Easley

Southern Arkansas University

Ronny Woods In Memory - $1,000.00

Anton Khokhryakov

University of Oregon

Oregon Association of Independent Accountants - $5,000.00

Ashleigh Velasquez

Colorado State University-Pueblo

Chester Borelli Award - $2,000.00

Ryan Elliott

Union University

Stanley H. Stearman Award - $2,000.00

Knowledge Tree Campaign - $1,000.00

Evelyn Kim

George Mason University

Louis & Fannie Sager Award - $2,000.00

Matthew Watters

Brigham Young University

Arizona Society of Practicing Accountants - $1,000.00

Katelyn Engen

Louisiana Tech University

Louisiana Society of Independent Accountants - $2,000.00

Robert Knight

Wake Forest University

William Ferrance Award - $2,000.00


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