NSA Membership Equals Value

Did you know that NSA member benefits give you value that ECLIPSES your $225 annual membership dues? Here is a table that shows you what you save every year if you use a fraction of the programs and discounts we offer you when you become a member or renew.

BenefitDollars Per Year Savings
You save this every year by being a member:$1428
FREE CCH Intelliconnect Subscription$1060
FREE VeriFyle Pro$108
Tax Help Desk: 5 free questions a year (regular price $25 each)$125
ConnectEd Webinar discount: $135 credit every year of your active membership$135

NSA offers even more than these opportunities; just visit our Member Discounts page to see even more benefits that can save you money right now.

NSA has your back, and the more you take advantage of your membership benefits, the more your membership is worth.

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