National Society of Accountants offers CPE Discounts through Wolters Kluwer

NSA partners with Wolters Kluwer to offer premier webinars at a discount for our members. The list below features titles through November 30, 2019.

Members must log in to NSA’s website to visit the CCH products page here in order to proceed to CCH CPELink. The price for members will be shown in the Fee column on the webpage, and the discounts will be applied at checkout.

This member benefit is an excellent way to save money and have the CPE courses you need at your fingertips.



Charitable Contribution Substantiation and Reporting-Sep 30, 2019-Bradley Burnett-1-Basic-$88

Reimbursing Expenses under Accountable Reimbursement Plans-Sep 30, 2019-Bradley Burnett-2-Basic-$100

Sec. 199A: A to Z – A Comprehensive Approach to the Biggest Tax Break in Decades (Full-Day Webinar-Sep 30, 2019-Greg White-8-Update-$212

Accounting Standards Update: Fall, 2019-Oct 1, 2019-Pat Patterson-2-Update-$111

Basis Basics for S Corporation Shareholders-Oct 1, 2019-James Hamill-1-Basic-$88

Like-Kind Exchanges: Qualify as a Valid Section 1031 Exchange-Oct 2, 2019-Jennifer Kowal-2-Basic-$99

Tax Season Chaos – Disclosure: Don’t File an Uncertain Return Without It (Form 8275)-Oct 2, 2019-Bradley Burnett-2-Basic-$100

2019 Federal Tax Update: Including Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Developments (Full-Day Webinar)-Oct 3, 2019-Greg White-8-Update-$249

Introduction to Excel Macros: Part 1-Oct 3, 2019-David Ringstrom-2-Basic-$100

Estate Administration Process: A Practitioner’s Guide-Oct 4, 2019-Klaralee Charlton-2-Basic-$100

Credit Card & Cash Frauds-Oct 7, 2019-Robert Minniti-2-Basic-$100

Understanding the Federal Gift Tax: How Does it Work & How to Address it in Tax Planning-Oct 7, 2019-Steven Siegel-2-Overview-$100

Upcoming Technologies for Accountants Including Blockchain, AI, & Big Data (Half-Day Webinar)-Oct 7, 2019-Stephen Yoss-4-Basic-$144

Auditing Standards Update: Fall, 2019-Oct 8, 2019-Pat Patterson-2-Update-$111

Enterprise Resources Planning, Accounting Information Systems, and Other Information Systems-Oct 9, 2019-Tom Coghlan-2-Basic-$100

Regulatory Ethics Guidebook for CPAs: AICPA Code of Professional Conduct (Half-Day Webinar)-Oct 9, 2019-Allison McLeod-4-Basic-$144

Compilation, Review, and Preparation: Preparation Engagements-Oct 10, 2019-Salvatore Collemi-2-Basic-$100

When Your Client Dies: Final Form 1040, Post-Death Elections and More-Oct 10, 2019-Steven Siegel-2-Intermediate-$100

Retirement Distributions: Case Studies-Oct 11, 2019-Steven Siegel-2-Basic-$100

2018 Yellow Book: Changes are Coming-Oct 14, 2019-Diane Edelstein-2-Basic-$100

Ethics Checklist for Tax Practitioners-Oct 14, 2019-Annette Nellen-2-Basic-$100

IRS Audit: What to Expect-Oct 14, 2019-Dennis Mowrey-2-Basic-$100

Planning for the 99%: Persons with Estates Below the Transfer Tax Exclusions-Oct 15, 2019-Steven Siegel-2-Basic-$100

CPA’s Guidebook for Ethical Behavior: Code of Professional Conduct-Oct 16, 2019-Allison McLeod-2-Basic-$100

Tax Issues Involving Troubled Borrowers (Half-Day Webinar)-Oct 16, 2019-Jennifer Kowal-4-Intermediate-$144

Family Trusts: Planning to Preserve, Protect and Transfer Wealth for Your Clients-Oct 17, 2019-Steven Siegel-2-Basic-$100

Preparing for Busy Season: A Tax Practitioner’s Guide (Full-Day Webinar)-Oct 17, 2019-Greg White-8-Overview-$212

Compilation, Review, and Preparation: Practice Issues-Oct 18, 2019-Salvatore Collemi-2-Basic-$100

2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: Impact on Financial and Estate Planning-Oct 21, 2019-Steven Siegel-2-Update-$100

Monthly Tax Update (October)-Oct 21, 2019-Annette Nellen-2-Update-$111

Sec. 199A Cutting Edge Tax Strategies for Specified Service Trades or Businesses (SSTBs)-Oct 22, 2019-Greg White-2-Basic-$100

Travel & Entertainment Best Practices: Prevent Fraud and Comply with IRS Regs-Oct 22, 2019-Mary Schaeffer-2-Basic-$100

Multistate Income Tax for Passthrough Entities-Oct 23, 2019-Michael Bannasch-2-Basic-$100

Sec. 199A Cutting Edge Tax Strategies for Rental Real Estate-Oct 23, 2019-Greg White-2-Basic-$100

Bold New Auditing Standards for 2020 in SAS 135-Oct 24, 2019-Pat Patterson-2-Intermediate-$100

Conducting a Successful Audit: Risk Assessment Factors and Internal Control Considerations-Oct 24, 2019-Lynn Fountain-2-Basic-$100

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: State Tax Update-Oct 25, 2019-Timothy Noonan-2-Intermediate-$111

Sec. 199A Cutting Edge Tax Strategies for Wage, Property, and Other Limits-Oct 28, 2019-Greg White-2-Basic-$100

How Accounting Works and Reporting Guidelines-Oct 29, 2019-Miles Hutchinson-2-Basic-$100

Interaction Between Cost Segregation and 1031 Exchanges-Oct 29, 2019-Jonathan Louie,

So Sum Lee-2-Basic-$100

IRAs, Roth IRAs, SEPS, and SIMPLE Plans (Full-Day Webinar)-Oct 29, 2019-Bradley Burnett-8-Update-$223

CCH® CPELink Virtual Tax Conference-Oct 30, 2019-Bradley Burnett

Steven Siegel

Annette Nellen

Jennifer Kowal-9-Basic-$319

Purchases & Sale Agreements-Oct 30, 2019-Jennifer Kowal-2-Basic-$100

Key Ratio Analysis: Calculating the Numbers Correctly-Oct 31, 2019-David Osburn-2-Intermediate-$100

Sec. 199A Cutting Edge Tax Strategies: The Ground Rules and Planning to Optimize the QBID-Oct 31, 2019-Greg White-2-Basic-$100

2019 Tax Strategies under the New Order of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (Half-Day Webinar)-Nov 1, 2019-Greg White-4-Update-$155

Major Program Determination under Uniform Guidance-Nov 1, 2019-Diane Edelstein-2-Intermediate-$100

Funding the Marital Share-Nov 4, 2019-Klaralee Charlton-2-Basic-$100

Internal Control and COSO Essentials for Financial Managers, Accountants and Auditors-Nov 4, 2019-Lynn Fountain-2-Basic-$100

Condos, Coops, & HOAs: Federal Tax Issues-Nov 5, 2019-Pat Patterson-2-Intermediate-$100

Tangible Property Repair Regulations-Nov 5, 2019-Sumit Sharma-2-Basic-$100

A Closer Look into Installment Sales-Nov 6, 2019-Jennifer Kowal-2-Intermediate-$100

Sale of a Principal Residence-Nov 6, 2019-Annette Nellen-2-Basic-$100

2019 Federal Tax Update: Including Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Developments (Full-Day Webinar)-Nov 7, 2019-Greg White-8-Update-$249

Form 1099 & W9 Annual Update-Nov 7, 2019-Miles Hutchinson-2-Update-$111

2019 Individual Federal Tax Update: Including Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Developments (Half-Day Webinar)-Nov 8, 2019-Greg White-4-Update-$155

Payroll Fraud-Nov 8, 2019-Robert Minniti-2-Basic-$100

Monthly Tax Update (November)-Nov 11, 2019-Annette Nellen-2-Update-$111

Residency Rules in New York: Tax Issues and Audits-Nov 11, 2019-Timothy Noonan-2-Intermediate-$100

S Corporation Taxation: State of the Art Tax Strategies (Full-Day Webinar)-Nov 11, 2019-Greg White-8-Intermediate-$212

2019 Business Federal Tax Update: Including Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Developments (Half-Day Webinar)-Nov 12, 2019-Greg White-4-Update-$155

2019 GAAP, GAAS, & SSARS Update-Nov 12, 2019-Pat Patterson-2-Update-$100

Nonresident Alien Reporting: IRS Compliance-Nov 12, 2019-Miles Hutchinson-2-Basic-$100

2019 Federal Tax Update for Individuals (Full-Day Webinar)-Nov 13, 2019-Bradley Burnett-8-Update-$249

Regulatory Ethics Guidebook for CPAs: AICPA Code of Professional Conduct (Half-Day Webinar)-Nov 13, 2019-Allison McLeod-4-Basic-$144

Help Clients Deal with Tax Law Challenges: Using Practical Planning Strategies-Nov 14, 2019-Steven Siegel-2-Basic-$100

Top Ten Issues in Accounting and Auditing-Nov 14, 2019-Pat Patterson-2-Update-$111

Cutting Edge Tax Strategies for Real Estate (Full-Day Webinar)-Nov 15, 2019-Greg White-8-Intermediate-$212

Government Benefits Fraud-Nov 15, 2019-Robert Minniti-2-Basic-$100

Basic Partnership Taxation (Half-Day Webinar)-Nov 18, 2019-James Hamill-4-Basic-$144

Introduction to ASC 740: Accounting for Income Taxes-Nov 18, 2019-Lynn Fountain-2-Basic-$99

Marijuana’s Tax Paradox (or the Uncanny Cannabis Controversy)-Nov 18, 2019-Eva Rosenberg-2-Basic-$100

Capital Gain or Ordinary Income? -Nov 19, 2019-Jennifer Kowal-2-Intermediate-$100

Tax Breaks, Tips, and Updates: Part 1-Nov 19, 2019-Eva Rosenberg-2-Basic-$111

CPA’s Guidebook for Ethical Behavior: Code of Professional Conduct-Nov 20, 2019-Allison McLeod-2-Basic-$100

Tax Breaks, Tips, and Updates: Part 2-Nov 20, 2019-Eva Rosenberg-2-Basic-$111

Financial Statement Analysis: Reading the Numbers Correctly-Nov 21, 2019-David Osburn-2-Intermediate-$100

Trust Fundamentals: A Practical Primer for Tax Practitioners-Nov 21, 2019-Steven Siegel-2-Basic-$100

2019 Federal Tax Update for Business (Full-Day Webinar)-Nov 22, 2019-Bradley Burnett-8-Update-$249

Accountants and Malpractice: Can We Get Sued for This?-Nov 22, 2019-Allison McLeod-2-Basic-$100

Taxation of the Family Home-Nov 22, 2019-Klaralee Charlton-2-Basic-$100

Estate & Financial Planning Quarterly Update-Nov 25, 2019-Steven Siegel-2-Update-$100

Intermediate Partnership Taxation (Half-Day Webinar)-Nov 25, 2019-James Hamill-4-Intermediate-$144

1120 Introduction: C Corporations-Nov 26, 2019-Dennis Mowrey-2-Basic-$100

Data Governance: How it Effects Your Bottom Line-Nov 26, 2019-Tom Coghlan-2-Basic-$100

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