Tax Season Reminder!

Tax Season has arrived. NSA wants to remind you of the benefits we offer that may prove helpful over the coming months.

Tax Research & Information

Tax Season has officially arrived. NSA would like to remind you of your member benefits - especially the ones that will help you the most during your busiest time of the year.

Tax Research & Information

NSA Tax Help Desk: Active & Associate members get five federal tax questions researched and answered free each year - a value of $125. Having this resource at your fingertips can save you time when clients arrive with complex tax issues.

CCH Tax Center: NSA members can access tax code information, regulations, court cases, daily tax news, briefings, and tax alerts as part of the service. This is valued at $1,060 and is free with your membership.

NSA Tax Talk: Ask and answer questions and get input from other members with their wide range of experience. Plus you can search the discussion archives anytime online by topic or keyword!

Why is Tax Talk so valuable?
How much do you charge per hour of your time? How long would it take you to find the answer to a question that you posted on Tax Talk? If you charge $150 per hour, and a question takes two hours to answer, but Tax Talkers answer it for free, and you’ve just saved $300 and two hours of your time. Imagine what you can do with that time. And your membership is already paid in full!

Tax Tools and Resources

NSA Resource Libraries: Download sample client, disclosure, and engagement letters, and more.

NSA Bookstore & Discounts: Members save on CCH publications, Quickfinder, TheTaxBook; cyber liability insurance, office supplies, credit card processing, client newsletters, shipping. Your benefits and discounts now include VeriFyle and ZipWhip!

Technology Search: When you need help finding the right accounting or tax software for your practice, use the free Technology Search for help.

If you have any questions about your NSA membership, please contact NSA Member Services toll-free at 800-966-6679 or email

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