Winter 2017 NSA ConnectEd Webinars

The National Society of Accountants offers a program of ConnectED CPE webinars geared towards accountants and tax professionals. The listings are available here, and on

NSA ConnectED webinars are offered both live and on-demand. 

Order four or more live or archived webinars in one order and receive a 20 percent discount.

GST: The “Grandparent” Tax

Monday, December 4, 2022
2:00-4:00 pm (EST)
IRS CE: 2 Hours/Federal Tax Law
NASBA CE: 2 Hours/Taxes


Generation-skipping Tax (GST) is imposed on a direct transfer of property to a grandchild that might otherwise be subject to two levels of estate taxation.  Transfers made during lifetime are reported on Form 709; skips made at death are reported on Form 706 – thus, the GST cannot be escaped whether in life or after death!  Or can it?

Find out how direct skips, trust distributions and terminations are taxed; then discover GST minimization and avoidance strategies that work.

Presented by Monica Haven, EA, JD

Divorce Tax Issues and Considerations 

Tuesday, December 5, 2022
2:00-4:00 pm (EST)
IRS CE: 2 Hours/Federal Tax Law;
NASBA CE: 2 Hours/Taxes


Going through the process of a divorce or legal separation can be a painful process for each spouse  psychologically, emotionally, and financially, and unfortunately is a common occurrence in today’s society.  What can be overlooked by clients (and possibly divorce attorneys) is that there are important income tax ramifications in regards to which spouse will be claiming personal exemptions for children, the timing and selection of items to be given to the other party in property settlements, the timing and size of alimony payments, and avoidance of disguised alimony and the alimony recapture rules.  These tax issues are best dealt with before the separation agreement or divorce decree is formalized.

This webinar will cover the tax rules governing alimony and child support, explain the rules for dependency exemptions and property settlements, and look at other divorce planning techniques, such as the QDRO and uses of insurance to reduce financial risk.

Presented by Eric A. Smith, ATP, CFP, CLU, ChFC, CRPC

The Art of Appraisals: Appraising for Tax Purposes 

Thursday, December 7, 2022
2:00-4:00 pm (EST)
IRS CE: 2 Hours/Federal Tax Law
NASBA CE: 2 Hours/Taxes


Assigning values – for income or estate tax purposes, separation agreements or business mergers, insurance and depreciation calculations – can be challenging and the results are indeed often challenged by the tax authorities.

This webinar examines valuation methodologies, contribution rules and restrictions, qualified appraisals, art appraisals, and fraudulent schemes.

Presented by Monica Haven, EA, JD

Engagement Letters-The Accountant’s Best Defense to Professional Liability Exposures

Tuesday, December 12, 2022
2:00-4:00 pm (EST)
IRS CE: 2 Hours/Federal Tax Law;
NASBA CE: 2 Hours/Taxes 


Using professional liability exposures as a foundation, explore risk management and loss prevention techniques. This webinar will cover important elements of what should be included in an engagement letter will offer practical applications of risk management and loss prevention techniques with the presentation of several claim scenarios. Suggestions on additional sources of risk management information will also be provided.

This webinar will cover:

  • Professional Liability Exposures
  • Accountants as Professionals
  • Concept of Professional Standard of Care
  • Elements of Traditional Accounting Professional Liability
  • Other Types of Professional Liability Claims
  • Risk Management and Loss Prevention Techniques
  • Policies, Procedures and Techniques
  • Risk Management Procedures Develop and Change Over Time
  • Claim Experience
  • Engagement Letters
  • Engagement Letters as a Loss Prevention Tool
  • Important Elements of an Engagement Letter
  • Claim Scenarios and Engagement Letters
  • Other Engagement Letter Issues to Consider
  • Additional Resources for Risk Management and Loss Prevention Techniques

Presented by Kristine Jones, Donna White and Patricia McCarron, CPCU, Travelers

Ethics: Circular 230 & Understanding Due Diligence!

Thursday, December 14, 2022
2:00-4:00 pm (EST)
IRS CE: 2 Hours/Ethics;
NASBA CE: 2 Hours/Regulatory Ethics


As a tax professional, do you ever worry about all the “due diligence” that is required of you? Are you asking the right questions concerning the ACA, EITC, hobby versus business and foreign accounts? What effort is required of you as a reasonable and prudent preparer to obtain the relevant and pertinent facts?

This webinar will review the basics of Circular 230 as well as the due diligence standards that were brought forward in the PATH Act of 2015. We will present scenarios and provide resources you will need so you can be confident that you understand Circular 230 and are meeting your due diligence requirements in the real world of your practice.

Presented by Kathy Hettick, EA, ABA, ATP, and Gene Bell, EA, ATA, CFP

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