Proposed Amendments to the NSA Bylaws

Members of NSA:

Pursuant to Article XVIII, Section 3 of the Bylaws and as directed by the Chair of the Governance Committee, I am writing to inform you that proposed amendments of the Bylaws have been received by the National Office.  As required by Section 3, the proposed amendments have been signed by at least five members in good standing.

The proposed amendments can be downloaded from this webpage and below is a statement in support of the proposed amendments that explains the proposals and provides a pro and con about the changes.

The proposed Bylaw amendments will be voted on at the NSA Annual Convention in Reno, Nevada, on August 22.  Members may submit comments on the proposed amendments to the NSA Bylaws Committee at or at the email addresses listed in the summary statement.  Responses to any questions or comments will be posted to the NSA website.

Thank you for your consideration of the proposed Bylaw amendments.

John G. Ams
Executive Vice President


Proposed Amendments to the NSA Bylaws

Pursuant to the NSA Bylaws, Article XVIII, the following NSA members sign and propose adoption of all of the following twelve NSA Bylaw Amendments at the 2017 Annual NSA Convention in Reno:  Marilyn Niwao, Dean Taylor, Gilbert Matsumoto, William Feeley, Jerome V. Sweeney, Alfred Giovetti, Jim Weickgenant, Bernadette Koppy, Robert Genovese, Dick Oshima, Terry Bakker, William Silzer, Vicki Lynn McGuar, and John Roberts.

The Bylaws Committee invites written comments and questions regarding the Proposed Bylaw Changes to be submitted for the Committee’s consideration prior to the beginning of the Annual Convention on August 22, 2017 by emailing comments and questions to Marilyn M. Niwao, Chair of the Bylaws Committee, at, with a copy to Governance Admin Chair Mary Lemons at and NSA Executive Vice President and General Counsel John Ams at

In addition, the Bylaws Committee and Governance Chair Mary Lemons invite all NSA members to ask questions and provide comments for the Committee’s consideration at the Bylaws Committee forum to be held on Monday, August 21, 2017 from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the 2017 Annual Convention site in Reno, Nevada.  We look forward to seeing you there and addressing any of your concerns.

Summary of the Proposed Amendments to the NSA Bylaws

Proposed Bylaw Amendments 1 through 5 are what the sponsors considers to be “housekeeping issues” in correcting the language of the Bylaws.

Proposed Bylaw Amendment 1 – eliminating the RTRP credential which is no longer recognized by the Internal Revenue Service

Proposed Bylaw Amendment 2 – inconsistent reference to dues

Proposed Bylaw Amendment 3 – scrivener error

Proposed Bylaw Amendment 4 – reinstates definitions previously removed inadvertently as “housekeeping” and clarifies that proxy holders can vote at the Annual Convention

Proposed Bylaw Amendment 5 – removes redundant language

Other Proposed Bylaw Amendments include the following:

Proposed Bylaw Amendment 6 – (Internal Control issue) – Requires the EVP expenses to be approved by the President

Proposed Bylaw Amendment 7 – Requires Roberts Rules of Order Revised to be used at the Convention.

Proposed Bylaw Amendment 8 – Eliminates a conflict on who certifies eligibility for elections (Leadership Development Committee).

Proposed Bylaw Amendment 9 – Unless the current term of a Board member or Director expires at the electing convention, a candidate must resign from office no later than the first day that a candidate may announce for another office.

Proposed Bylaw Amendment 10 – (Governance issue re: conflict of interest) – Precludes a member from serving as NSA Officer if a member of his/her immediate family is an NSA employee.

Proposed Bylaw Amendment 11 – Name of Constitution & Bylaws Committee changes  to add Administrative Policies

Proposed Bylaw Amendment 12 – A retired NSA member is allowed to serve as a Chair of a Committee.

Thank you very much for your consideration of the above Proposed Bylaw Amendments.

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