PTIN Renewal Season

IRS officials are preparing to begin the PTIN renewal season at some point between the middle of October to the beginning of November.  An exact date will be announced soon.

At this point, there will be no fee for either a new or renewed PTIN as the result of a recent court decision. However, the IRS is appealing the decision, which found the IRS cannot legally charge a fee for the PTIN, and has also asked the court to allow the agency to continue to charge the fee until the appeal is decided. The court has not indicated when it would decide whether the IRS can charge the fee in the interim.

Agency officials also want to remind PTIN holders that the information used to register for or renew a PTIN is public, including the email address. The email address used for PTIN purposes must be regularly monitored but does not have to be the same email address used by the PTIN holder for business purposes.

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