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A Message from the President, August 2016

Kathy Hettick, EA, ABA, ATP NSA President, 2015-2016
Kathy Hettick, EA, ABA, ATP
NSA President, 2015-2016

As various state leaders gathered in St. Louis last month for our leadership / legislative conference to share their thoughts and ideas, I was in awe of the talent and expertise of the group. The energy and excitement that is generated when you bring leaders together from across the country is not only productive, but inspiring. It is a great time when we can look at our future leaders and know they will far exceed our successes. NSA, as well as our affiliated state organizations, are in good hands as we move forward and continue to bring in new leaders with fresh ideas, training, and individual talents.

It is hard to believe that almost a year has gone by since I was installed as President of this great organization. With August upon us, we are ramping up for our 71st Annual Meeting where a new slate of officers and leaders will begin their journey and carry NSA forward. It is not too late to sign up and spend a few days in Tampa with us! Check it out on the website. If you can’t join us person, be sure and have your voice heard and by using a proxy. This is your organization – be a part of the future.
As I look back on the year, I am amazed at what has been accomplished and the energy and enthusiasm behind it. I am thankful for all that I have learned, for the support and camaraderie I have received, but most especially for the opportunity to serve the members of NSA. This is a challenging, yet essential time for NSA to keep our place of influence and relevance; it has been an honor to be a part of it.

To all our members: thank you for belonging, for keeping NSA relevant, and supporting this great organization and profession! To all the volunteers, past, present, and future: thank you for your dedication and passion in serving NSA and believing in who we are! To our staff: thank you for your patience and perseverance in helping to achieve our mission and vision! To all my mentors and friends: thank you for your wisdom and unconditional support and encouragement! It has been an outstanding year of hard work, determination, and much progress.

In closing, I encourage you to get involved with NSA. I encourage you to reach out to another member and keep our peer network growing. I encourage you to contact any one of our leaders with your input, questions or concerns about our organization. But mostly, I encourage you to continue to provide service to the public with the level of integrity and professionalism that one can expect from an NSA member. We are NSA!

I wish each and every one of you the best,

Kathy Hettick, EA, ABA, ATP
NSA President, 2015-2016

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