You Spoke; We Heard!

A Message from the President, June 2016

Kathy Hettick, EA, ABA, ATP NSA President, 2015-2016
Kathy Hettick, EA, ABA, ATP
NSA President, 2015-2016

I hope you all had a prosperous tax season and made it through the challenges of working long hours, filing taxes, dealing with “that client”, and all the other fun ups and downs of the busy season. Every year filing a tax return becomes more complex and takes longer due to the changes in the tax code! NSA leadership continues to advocate on behalf of our members and all tax preparers by regularly communicating with the IRS and various elected officials in raising their awareness of the burdens facing tax preparers. We also continue to promote our Tax Practitioner Bill of Rights, and received recognition from Commissioner Koskinen last Fall for our efforts. We stay diligent in our efforts to fight for your right to practice; continually building on the successes of the past, the challenges of today, and inspiring progress for the future.

As the face of our industry rapidly changes and the demand for instant information and responses increases, we, at NSA, have also changed. We continue to deliver more and more of our benefits electronically for your convenience: the forum for tax discussions and networking with tax-talk; online live education as well as on-demand; electronic news letters and updates; and electronic meetings. We have tax research, training and other self-study materials readily available to all of our members via the The challenges of associations and membership organizations continue; know that we are constantly looking at ways to do business more efficiently and effectively.

So, what is NSA doing? You spoke, we heard! Many of our programs and initiatives have been updated with changes you have asked for. Here are a few highlights:

  • NSA Annual Meeting in August - Plans are well underway, have you registered? We have changed the format of our annual meeting, after years of various feedback from our members. NSA business will be all in one day, thus giving our members an opportunity for two full days of un-interrupted CE and networking!
  • Streamlined process for proxy voting - If you are unable to attend the NSA Business session of the Annual Meeting, you can still vote! It is a great way for you to participate and to have a voice in the future of NSA. We have heard for years that members would like to vote even if they do not attend the Annual Meeting. Stay involved…Get online and vote!
  • Leadership Networking Conference & Legislative Strategy Conference - we had over 50 people in attendance at the Fall training in Minneapolis. If you couldn’t make it in the fall, we are doing it again! For years we have heard that members wanted the Leadership Conference early in the year, so on July 21-22 we will be hosting the conference in St Louis. One of the greatest benefits NSA offers our ASOs and leaders is this conference and training.
  • Membership Campaign – We are launching a new tag line: “Why I belong to NSA”, and are giving you the opportunity to share photos and stories of why you are a member. Join in the fun, get involved and share with your peers!
  • Regulation and Oversight Committee - There was an overwhelming amount of regulation and oversight that went on during tax season. Our committee volunteers and staff stayed alert and monitored activity in every state on your behalf. Thank you for a job well done while we were busy getting tax returns out the door! NSA and our members need to continue to stay present and attentive at all the state board of accountancy meetings.
  • You Spoke, We Heard, and then we talked! EVP Ams and NSA leaders continually meet with the IRS and various elected officials in our efforts to protect and enhance your ability to prepare income taxes and represent your tax clients. The Federal Taxation committee stays on top of current issues and participates in the National Practitioner Liaison meetings where we are able to communicate tax preparer concerns. NSA has a well-respected voice within the IRS and we are looked to frequently for comments.

I am humbled and proud of all the work that has been accomplished by an incredibly hard working team of volunteers and staff members. This is a challenging, yet essential time for NSA in keeping our place of influence. As we continually face the challenges of change, we continue to represent and serve our members while remaining dedicated to our mission and vision, and fiscally responsible to our budget.

Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts, concerns, and ideas. I would love to hear from you!

Thank you for the privilege of serving as your President!

Kathy Hettick, EA, ABA, ATP

NSA President, 2015-2016

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