Tax Season Top Ten “Outs”

A Message from the President, January – February 2016

As the president of NSA, I wish you and your families a happy and healthy New Year. With the ringing in of 2016 comes another new tax filing season! Another late passage (yet again!) tax bill, the complexity of tax filings, and the IRS struggling with limited service, demonstrates this tax season will be as challenging as ever. NSA has been working hard getting ready for those challenges by increasing our tax resources and networking opportunities for our members while advocating for tax preparer rights.

Kathy Hettick, EA, ABA, ATP NSA President, 2015-2016
Kathy Hettick, EA, ABA, ATP
NSA President, 2015-2016

As I was brainstorming a “Presidents Message” and deciding what to share with our members, I came up with the following, enjoy! In light of the continual increase of tax season stress and pressure, I developed my tax season top ten “outs”!

1. Stand out! As an NSA member, you go above and beyond the average tax preparer by meeting stringent CE requirements and following the NSA Code of Ethics. Be a proud NSA member, and display your membership certificate for everyone to see! You’ve earned it!

2. Check-it out! NSA members have free access to CCH tax research resources, NSA’s tax-help desk, the tax resource library, and peer to peer discussions on NSA Tax Talk! Click here to check out what NSA has for you!

3. Speak out! Have a thought? Have an idea? Let others know! Share your wisdom and experience with your office staff, with your clients, and with your fellow NSA members on tax talk!

4. Reach out! How many times do we talk out our tax problems or issues, and they resolve themselves? Connect with another practitioner when you are stumped. We’ve all been there, and the value of being an NSA member is the value of connecting with fellow practitioners.

5. Time out! Take a break when you need it! It never pays to try and push through a project when we are too tired, or too frustrated. Take a break when you get to that point, and you will come back refreshed and ready to tackle more!

6. Find out! As NSA members, we know we go above and beyond in our quality of service to our clients. We also know that we never have all the answers, so don’t hesitate to do a little more research to find the answers you need. When in doubt, find out!

7. Look out! We all have them, those clients that drain all your energy; those phone calls that zap your brain; those negative clients that always complain. Watch for those clients and situations that take away from your focus and from your quality of work. Don’t be afraid to fire the clients that take too much of your time and energy and leave you exhausted.

8. Get out! That’s right, stand up and walk out that door! Get some exercise, visit with a friend, go for a walk. Be sure you are stepping away from your desk and the office a couple of times a day – encourage your staff to do this too. Creating a healthier you, creates a healthier work environment!

9. Laugh out! As the old saying goes, laughter is the best medicine. It relieves stress and anxiety, and can help with office morale! Go ahead, tell a joke, watch that funny cat video, or have a few minutes every day when someone in the office tells everyone a funny story.

10. Shout out! Did someone do a great job? A staff person? A client? Make sure you are taking the time to recognize those around you that are working hard. Words of encouragement go a long way when the pressure is on!

So there you have it! Post it, share it, live it! I wish each and every one of you a successful and prosperous tax season. Thank you for being a valued member of NSA. Remember, we are all in this together, and NSA is here for you!

Kathy Hettick, EA, ABA, ATP

NSA President, 2015-2016

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